After my first Boston male died, I could not imagine for a long time to have a male again at my home until this litter was born. Actually I planned to keep a girl from Brownie but like it is sometimes with plans, plans don’t work out. And so it happened here because Brownie thought she wanna be a mommy only from boys. Slowly the idea of having a male again came up more and more and suddenly it felt right. But whom shall I keep? That was a very hard decision and as the puppies had been 11 weeks and I decided for Boris. I am so very happy to have him here with us and I am looking forward to the time together. Boris is a very typey, balanced Boston Terrier with the right mix of “Jack of all trades” and cuddling on the couch. Boris is the perfect match for us.


Date of birth: 10.06.2021
Parents: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT by Malzie  x  Burlesk DR. FEELGOOD
Health tests: spine


endoscopy of the airways


juvenile cataract

CERF – eye exam for genetic eye diseases

Weight: 6,2 kg