Malzie Bostons – that’s me Nadine, my both grandes dames Jamajki & Julki and my youngsters Josi & Brownie. Primarily my dogs are family members for me, fully integrated in my life and since I am working from home, we spend the time together almost round the clock .
I don’t breed that much, very selective and strictly based on the guidelines of the FCI - the World Canine Organisation. Priority for me is a healthy foundation. That’s why all my dogs are tested on:
  • patella luxation
  • juvenile cataract (HC) 
  • hereditary eye disease (CERF) 
  • heart 
  • spinal deformities.
I am striving for a healthy breeding based on the breed standard to keep the Boston Terrier in temper and appearance like the breed standard describes because all these attributes makes the Boston Terrier an incomparable companion.